Movement Exploration with Equipment

Activities with Hoops

  1. Find ways of circling a hoop around different body parts.
  2. Take the weight on different body parts and circle the hoop on others.
  3. Travel through a rolling hoop: a) on feet; b) on hands and feet.
  4. Travel from one side of the hoop to the other, using: a) two feet together; b) one hand and one foot; c) hands and feet.
  5. Find different ways of keeping the hoop in motion, using different body parts.
  6. Balance on different body parts and pass a hoop around your body.
  7. Find ways of twisting and turning through a hoop.
  8. Jump through a hoop using a different jump each time.
  9. Spin a hoop and see how many times you can go around it before it falls and stops moving.
  10. Roll a hoop, run around it and continue to keep it rolling.

Hoop Tasks for Partners:

  1. One partner holds the hoop in any position fairly close to the floor. The other partner finds ways of going in, out, over, through or under.
  2. Both partners holding one hoop try to pass through it at the same time.
  3. Pass the hoop to partner using different body parts.
  4. Everyone places hoop on floor or ground and whole class jumps: a) from one to the other; b) over the others.
  5. Intertwine hoops and find ways of crawling through the spaces.

Activities with Beanbags

  1. Balance the beanbag on different body parts.
  2. Travel: a) on feet; b) on other body parts doing the above.
  3. Use different body parts to send the beanbag high in the air.
  4. Find ways of lifting a beanbag off the floor.
  5. Balance two beanbags on two different body parts, and then balance yourself on a third body part.
  6. Place a beanbag between your feet and use your feet to throw it overhead.
  7. Fix the feet on the ground, place a beanbag in different positions and use many ways to pick it up.
  8. Have different body parts as the highest point and balance the beanbag there.
  9. Place beanbag on one part of the body. What else can you do while you balance the beanbag?
  10. Keep the beanbag in the air with: a) one hand; b) the other hand; c) two hands; d) feet.

Beanbag Tasks With Partners:

  1. How many different ways can you pass a beanbag to a partner, using all parts of the body?
  2. Balance a beanbag on a body part and toss it to a partner who catches it with another body part.
  3. Find different ways of passing a beanbag to each other without letting it touch the ground.
  4. Throw a beanbag to a partner and jump before catching it. Try other stunts before catching it.
  5. Find different ways of moving a beanbag to a partner without using hands.

Activities with Ropes

  1. Place a rope in a shape on the floor and find as many different ways as possible of travelling over it. Incorporate levels and speeds.
  2. Travel along the floor using your rope in four different ways; change direction, speed and level.
  3. Fold a rope in four, holding both ends; find different ways of getting the rope around your body by taking the weight on different body parts.
  4. Balance walk along a rope shape: forward, backward, sideways.
  5. Find ways of travelling in different directions using a rope.
  6. Place a rope on the floor and pick it up using different body parts.
  7. Skip with a rope and land with your feet in different positions.
  8. Move around, stretching the rope in different ways, using different levels.
  9. Place a rope in a zigzag shape. Experiment to find ways to jump around: a) with two feet; b) one foot, one hand; c) curling the stretching; d) balancing on the rope.
  10. Balance on different body parts and pass the rope beneath you.

Rope Tasks for Partners:

  1. One person moves the rope and the other travels over or under it.
  2. One partner swings the rope in a low, steady arc and the other partner travels over it: a) on two feet; b) on hands and feet; c) backwards.
  3. Two people hold one rope and find ways of moving it quickly.
  4. Each person holds one end of the rope, and partners find various ways of twisting without getting entangled.
  5. Partners try to make an interesting sculpture shape using the rope to connect them.

Activities with Balance Beams and Benches

  1. Jump off the bench forward (jump up, land on two feet, give at the knees and ankles, straighten up).
  2. Walk sideways along a bench. Step off at the end.
  3. Walk forward along the bench. At the halfway mark, turn around and continue to the end, walking backwards.
  4. Jump off the bench sideways.
  5. Circle the bench in different ways. (Go around; go through.)
  6. Move along the bench on all fours.
  7. Jump off the bench with a quarter turn in the air.
  8. Jump off the bench with a half-turn in the air.
  9. Balance walk forward on bench, beanbag on the head.
  10. Standing jumps forward and sideways; on and over the bench.
  11. Crawl along a bench on hands and knees. Go forward, backward, and sideways.
  12. Stand astride a bench; jump on and off. Same activity, progressing forward.
  13. Lie on the back on a bench; pull body along with both arms.
  14. Bunny jump from side to side of bench. Same activity progressing forward. (Hands on bench, feet and hips high.)
  15. Walk forward along a bench, tossing and catching a beanbag.
  16. Walk sideways along a bench, tossing a beanbag, bouncing a ball, or getting through a hoop.
  17. Sit astride the bench. Reach as far sideways as possible to touch the floor.